Due to COVID-19, we extended our services by offering Online Training Sessions and Behavior Consultations.


Bea Trix & Training specializes in Puppy and Basic manners. Our methods are based on scientifically proven positive reinforcement techniques. As passionate and knowledgeable dog lovers, we look forward to provide support for both humans and dogs! Give us a call or send us an e-mail!



What We Do

Puppy Education

Everything a new puppy owner should know to raise a confident and happy adult dog. We cover topics such as the means of effective and continuous socialization, puppy biting, potty training, leash walking techniques and more.

Manners Training

This service is for adolescent or an adult dogs with additional training needs. We offer help with basic manners training as well as with treating mild temperament or behavior troubles. Please remember that behavior modification is most effective in slow progression. We do not use aversive tools for treatment.

Dog Training For Kids

We designed this service for families with small children focusing on safe interactions with dogs. Children will learn how to read a dog’s body language, appropriate and safe play, how to teach fetch, how to play with puppies, ways to safely greet strange dogs, and more.

Stay N' Train

This exclusive service offers boarding and training for one dog at a time. Please contact us for more information and pricing, and we fill you in with the details as soon as possible.

Our Yorkie had some separation anxiety issues.

“Beatrix is an amazing trainer. She helped us with some behavioral issues with our dog when we moved to another place. Our Yorkie had some separation anxiety issues. He would bark anytime anyone would knock on the door. Our dog would also have accidents on the carpet at our new place even though he was potty trained and rarely had an accident at our old place. And, he would bark at other dogs incessantly. With a few hours of training and practice, our dog no longer has accidents on the carpet. He rarely barks when someone knocks at the door. And, he’s getting better at not barking at other dogs. The training was worth every penny. Also, Beatrix is super nice, and you can tell she is a good dog handler.”

Kathy & Luigi

Bea is super knowledgeable about dogs!

Bea started with Doggywalker.com in 2016, and since she has proved time and again, how much she enjoys caring for the dogs. She had so much passion, that it came as no surprise to see her become a professional dog trainer. In the last couple of years, she has trained our clients` puppies and adult dogs with lots of success. She trains each puppy with gentle care while also educating owners. Bea pays exceptional attention to clients as well as to the puppies’ needs, which makes the transition for both dogs and owners much easier.

I truly can say that Bea is professional, courteous, reliable, caring and super knowledgeable about dogs!

Ayse Terzi