All services, except Stay n’ Train, are fulfilled in the comfort of your home. This is to best serve you by observing the environment you and your dog(s) share and find any clues behind the behavior issues that may be hidden in daily routine.

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Puppy Training

Single Session

This is one session of any puppy topic offered to help with any of the following:

  • Potty training
  • Crate or confinement training (how to teach the puppy to enjoy being alone even if confined)
  • Proper chew toy training (how to teach a puppy what to chew on
  • How to safely expose the puppy to unfamiliar dogs as well as to people
  • How to teach basic manners (Sit, Down, Stay, Drop an item, Pick an item, Leave an item, Target objects and more)
  • Puppy displays fearfulness and hostility

Applies to dogs under 2 years of age.

Cost: $95

Service includes free consultation via e-mail or phone.

“Love That Pup” Package

Congrats! You brought home your brand new puppy with toys, bowls, leash and all. Now what? Well, you need to start teaching your puppy the correct house manners and introduce her to the big world! Let the journey begin!

Includes one initial meeting and two follow-up visits. Our first session will focus on the most urgent parts of puppy training while the second session covers additional topics (see list below), and a follow-up on the first visit to troubleshoot if needed. In the third meeting, we will evaluate your puppy’s progress in all areas, and provide more guidance with any challenges you may be having.

We are eager to assist you with the following topics:

  • Effective and speedy potty training
  • How to teach bite inhibition and manage Puppy biting
  • What is socialization and why it is important
  • How to read your puppy’s signals
  • The importance of cautious puppy handling
  • Ideal canine diet and nutrition
  • How to teach basic puppy manners (Sit, Down, Stay, Target Recall (come when called), Dog Park Etiquette)
  • Leash manners as well as different types of leashes and harnesses.

Recommended for puppies between 12 weeks and 18 weeks.

Initial Session: About 2 hours 

2nd & 3rd Follow Up: Min. 1 hour each

Cost: $300

*Follow up sessions must occur within 6 months of the initial meeting!

House & Socialization Training Log, Informative Reference reading included.

Services include free consultation via e-mail or phone.

Behavioral/ Obedience Consultation

Single Session

In a single session we address any “inappropriate” behavior your dog exibiting and offer the most ideal training (as well as management) options that fits your and your dogs lifestyle. Inappropriate behaviors could include:

  • Jumping up on people
  • Countertop surfing also known as stealing
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • House soiling
  • Chewing on forbidden items

During our in-home meeting, we discuss in detail any communication challenges you might have with your dog, make any necessary adjustments, and start to establish new habits for your dog via positive reinforcement training. This comprehensive session includes a training plan focused on the main area as well as other insights on how to improve the overall relationship so that you can enjoy every moment with your dog for years to come.

Approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Cost: $95

Service includes free consultation via e-mail or phone.

Behavior Modification

We also offer help with mild fear and anxiety cases, and resource/object guarding, Please contact us for more information at

Behavioral/Obedience Training Package

It’s not fun as a dog parent to come home to a house that’s turned into a war zone. It’s also not fun to go on a walk with your dog and end up flying as superman while holding on to the last bit of that leash. Although, certain behaviors seem to be an annoyance to us humans, dogs always try to communicate something to us. Positive reinforcement is a great technique to rewire your dogs brains to focus on you on walks, to be happily chilling at home, and to be what humans would call a great dog in overall. Let us show you what positive training can effectively resolve!

3 Sessions – 90 minutes each

Cost: $260

5 Sessions – 90 minutes each

Cost: $425

Services include free consultation via e-mail or phone.

Dog Training For Kids

There is nothing more heartwarming than a friendship between a dog and a child. However, dogs and children have different ways of expressing themselves, which can be dangerous at times. Dogs are visual animals and rely on body language to read people. Children often can be difficult to read due to their small size, high-pitched voice, sudden movements, and most often— vague hand signals. This service is designed specifically for families with small children, focusing on safely interacting with dogs, having fun, while also understanding the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Single Session – Min. 1 hour

3 Sessions – Min. 1 hour each

5 Sessions – Min. 1 hour each

Cost: $250

Services include free consultation via e-mail or phone.

Stay ‘N’ Train

This is an exclusive service that offers boarding and training for only one dog at a time. If you would like more info and pricing please contact us and we will fill you in with the details as soon as possible.